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All those who served aboard the most decorated fleet tanker in the US Navy, the USS Neches AO47, any time between her commissioning in 1942 and decommissioning in 1970 are welcome to join the Association. Contact Johnny Hanlon: Email address:  johnnyhanlon@cox.net.  by phone 1-918-760-7371, or by writing to him at 400 West 31st Court, Sand Springs, OK. 74063 . When emailing to Johnny Hanlon, make sure you put "USS Neches AO-47" in the subject  line. 

The 2016 reunion will be held in San Diego, California, September 14-18, 2016.  Click on the upcoming reunion" for the details about the location and activities, when they are determined.  Sam and Jeri Chinarian will  be the host coordinators for this reunion. They can be reached by email at samchinarian@gmail.com or by mail at 10 Rincon, Irvine, California 92620.  The organization has more than 125 members including several from the original USS Neches AO5 which was lost off Hawaii in January, 1942.

Membership dues are $15.00 per year.   We have a reunion each year,    Our last reunion was held in Rochester, NY. and a recap of the activities there will be found at "Previous Reunion".  If you know of any former crewmembers who may not be aware of our organization and may be interested in joining, please let them know where to reach us or let Johnny Hanlon know where he can contact them.   In order to surf this site use the "buttons" located just above the heading.   To return to this page, click "Home" from any page.  

We now have an Association Service Officer.  Carl Garlitz is well informed on VA benefits and requirements.  He can be reached at gcarl46@hotmail.com  or (301)759-3323.  Donít hesitate to contact him with your VA questions.

For those who wish their military records: go to http://vetrecs.archives.gov/ for information on how to obtain them.

For those interested in purchasing military hats and other gear through the internet, I suggest you go to PriorService.com.  They have it all and are good people.

To find a navy ship, go to www.hullnumber.com and click on the type of vessel you are looking for. Example: To find Tankers: Click on unrep ships and scroll to the ship hull number (as in AO-47) and click.                            

Johnny Hanlon, President USS Neches